Blossom, Eggs and Spooks

From my window I can see the snowdrops have passed, the daffodils are fading and the May is in blossom, although it’s still April. Easter is creeping closer and I am starting to think about eggs. Blue eggs, yellow eggs, pink eggs and every painted colour I can make. I can’t hide them outside anymore but I have help. Spring, eggs and bunnies with a mixture of chocolate and glistening wrapping is coming back to my Dragon.

The sound of hooves has been replaced and evolved but I will be listening for giggles and gravel. Come to my home, I’ll be hiding, keeping still and quiet although you can try to see me peeping from behind the curtains, find the hidden eggs and meet the Easter Bunny. Easter Sunday Lunch followed by chocolate eggs. Celebrate Spring and life with us. I promise I’ll celebrate with you even though I am long gone.