George and Dragon

Ghostly Curries

You might see me out of the corner of your eye, or notice when the lights start flickering, sometimes I play with the fires and they won’t light or they will belch out smoke. I’m not sure why I’m still around but you all interest me. The smells from the kitchen tantalise me, the laughter of families frees me, the closeness of couples comforts me, the flickering of fires reminds me of life and the welcome is always genuine. Last weekend you made me feel comfortable in my home again when all the lights went out and there was music, laughter, fire and candle light. Then love and joy took over when Mothers’ Day arrived.

This month I will be learning about curry. Not something that we used to offer as a coaching inn but the colours and smells are enticing me to settle in the kitchen for a while. Watch where you leave your pots because it’s fun for me to move them!