Love, steak and dates

I thought I heard your voice last night. It was round the corner, teasing on the air, floating, waiting for me to catch but when I got there you weren’t. The silence echoed and vibrated in time with my loneliness. You haven’t been here for a long time. Your life continued after my death while my half life continued forward. I watched you grow old and fall in love over and over again. Once your time was finished you flew to where I can’t yet go.

I watched as you laughed with others. The times you huddled by the fire with your latest love, making moments intimate by your proximity. The times you sat outside, stretching in the warmth, basking in the sun but eyeing the visitors with the cool assessment of an adder searching for his next meal. The times you fell unfettered into the dizzying, tunnel of first love with enthusiasm and excitement. I watched and imagined the feeling that used to flip in my stomach whenever I saw you, knowing that whoever you were with, knew that at that moment they were the centre of your world.

Come to my Dragon this month. Come to my Dragon on a Thursday and remember those moments. Relive those feelings, rekindle the flame and feel the spark. Come and eat steak, drink wine and share dessert. Be the most important one, be the only one, drown out the others and have a date, at my George.