Time, Life and Welcome

Life is short. Time is fleeting. Breathes are finite. I know, I took them for granted and then one day they were gone. Did I celebrate enough? Did I love enough? Did I laugh, play and grab each moment before it slipped away into the past and became my history? Did I tell the people that mattered how much I cared? Did I bend and touch my cheeks to the faces of the horses as they were stabled and groomed? Did I dance unfettered and freely when music came into my George? Did I live for myself? Do I regret?

I did celebrate, love, laugh and play. If I knew my death day then, I would have done more and if you are honest with yourself in the still, dark, loneliness of the night, you would to. Now it’s too late for me to speak to those I wished I had, for they are also gone and haven’t stayed with me in my place of welcome.

But now I grab moments. Now I dance, flicker and shimmer. I fly through my George. I welcome you, I sweep around you and greet you. I show you your table. I watch as your food is prepared; whether it be ribs and slaw on a Wednesday, cooked outside with a band on a Saturday or something fast in passing as life flies you by my doors. Come to my George, seize your days, glorify your friendships, worship your loves and remember your true self before time takes back its borrowed instants to give to someone new.