Festivals, Music, Games and Beer

I have heard of the Americas. I know that there are things far over the sea that I know nothing of, peoples, religions, foods, views of vastness and space, endless skies and entwining ribbons of water with creatures that would look new to me.

I will never be able to go there now. Time to travel passed by me even after my death. I was only ever going to be here. The need for a girl who can work an inn and keep the men under control after harvest has kept me in the place that has my heart. But things from afar can visit me.

August Summer holidays means that it is time for festivals, music, games and beer. At my George we are celebrating beer from afar, but ale that has been brewed only miles away. So close that one of the horses would have been hitched to the cart and sent to collect the dark goodness from the brewery. Come to my George, listen and taste the ales from the Duration Brewery, stay for music and remain with me.