Music, Fairies and Dreaming

Music, dancing, food and wine. Spinning, turning, dizziness of movement as snatches of laughter pass by my ears. With a friend, with my love or alone, letting the music swirl and lift me, taking me to places that I can only visit in my head. Feeling it twist around my body, caressing my dreams, raising me to heights of fancy and daydreams of castles in the sky.

Not far from my door was a darkened circle of grass. The ground touched by the feet of the faeries reeling and the elves spiralling to the music everlasting. If you looked from my window during the hour of the witches you could catch a glimpse of the sparkle, a snatch of melodies and a scent of the iced, sweet treats to tempt the unwary.

Now at my George, many years have passed since the sprites last danced but now we have music to entice them back and food cooked outside on coals alight for them to try to snatch from your plate as it is your turn to feel the music as a rhythm in your heart and a pulse in your soul. Goz will be here on Saturday night, leading the merriment and bringing back the chance to see the fair folk dance. Make sure that you don’t eat their food or drink their drinks else you may be staying with them and me for eternity.