Ribbon, Pots and Sandwiches

I can’t find my ribbons. I know I had them, but now they are gone. I want to tie them back in my hair and run outside whilst a breeze can catch them as the sun shines. The sun may not warm me anymore but it can still make me smile. I can still chase the shadows that sneak up on mid morning, then stretch and wan to evening when it is my time to appear to you as you slide behind your tables to enjoy the company of your family.

I need to find them. I am starting to think that they are conspiring against me, although maybe the kitchen is paying me back for moving their utensils and upsetting their pots. I only want to know what deliciousness lies within them, is that so bad? The colours are deep and the aromas tempting.

The sandwiches surprise me, so I nudge them and put the bread at angles misaligning the corners and irritating the chefs. Sizzling steak, plump chicken breast, smoky bacon and cheeses, with extras on the side and varieties of bread. Come and taste the simple and see how it has become magnificent in my Dragon.