The Veil, Pies and Pints

It’s getting closer. I can feel the air tingling in expectation. Ever nearer it approaches. The time when you are most likely to see me. Blink and I will be there. Twitch and you will see me. Glance and I will appear. The Veil between my world and yours is thinning for the night that spirits dance and goblins gambol. Forget to carve your turnips and gourds and let us through. Omit the lit candle so that the faces of your demons do not shine bright to push the first of the spectres back to whence they came.

Not all of them are unwanted. Let through your loved ones, the ones you wish to see again. Pull a spare chair to your table and sit with them. Let your eyes become heavy and your mind wander. See them again before you. Tell them what you wished you had, remind them that you love them, reassure them that they live on inside you and that to you they have never died.

Eat one last meal with them. Come and find them at my Dragon. Wish for them and they will come. Look for me and I will be there. Raise you glass to us and we will protect you from the mischief makers that nudge against the barrier.