Cats, Menus and Childhood

I saw a black cat today. It crossed in front of the threshold whilst I dreamed of summer. I believe that the crossing of an ink marked feline brings luck through the air to the observer. I turned back inside to the comfort of my Dragon and realised that the cat was a portent of good things to come.

My chefs are imaging and bringing forth sun baked days in bowls to make you fly away in your mind with sweet meze picks, spices from shores afar to season your mouth with taste of nuts and rainbows in a salad, while sea salted caught treats from the ocean can lead you back to days of your childhood with the plate piled high with crispy potatoes.

The menu has changed and I am learning new things, new foods, new tastes, new aromas from my hovering in the kitchen whist I watch others work at the behest of our guests. Still better is the step back into youth that I can see on your face when I follow the plated food from the kitchen to your table. That is what currently brings me joy and fulfilment as I spend my eternity watching.

Raining again

It’s raining again. It’s the rain that brings on the shoots but pulls up the seeds, dampens the fields but then shocks you with its slicing, slashing, freezing daggers, dashing leaves, dissecting stems, drowning seedlings and devouring the dry. The suddenness of the change of pace used to set men running and drive the feral, hissing stable cats back inside to their kits, snuggling down in the golden sanctuary of the woven straw.

The lights are on and you are welcome into my Dragon to find shelter, to find calm, to dry yourself and warm yourself inside and out with drinks hot from boiling with aromas from Africa, India and China or from the furnace of the sun balanced on foreign shores burning as you swallow whole the brief burnt amber liquid. To satisfy yourself with cake topped with oranges, lemon or chocolate while you watch the clouds shifting, churning and moving away to drench the fields in the distance. Fillings between crusty layers to satisfy the gnawing belly ache and itching pangs while you wait to move away again to continue with jobs interrupted and the day’s work stalled.

Welcome to my Dragon, we are waiting for you.